Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Future Shock

Some how I found myself in a sling, laying on the couch, in a vicodin infused haze with a separated shoulder.  I  can't explain what happened but that it happened really fast and I feel like an idiot.  So since I can't  do a thing but watch re-runs of  Top Gear and Kitchen Nightmares.  I've decided to post Hot Rod Magazine's 1976 August issue article on one of my favorites Chevy Vans " Future Shock".  Built by Master Metal shaper David "Wacko" Kent and painted by Charles Eddy. This Van unlike most of its contemporaries was built right!  No fiberglass wheel arches and ground effects.  No boys and girls... this one is all steel!  Unfortunately its history was not as good.  After being built and heading cross-country to a show it was wrecked on the highway!  Even though it was repaired it went missing for years.  In the mid-late 2000's a fellow in Canada found the van at a wrecking yard and salvage it!  From what I heard last it's currently being restored and hopefully we'll get a chance to see it again!  So until then "Let's Play Catch Up'!