Friday, September 6, 2013

Wet Hot Van Show

There's an area in Los Angeles that runs 3.51- square miles.  Coordinates at 34 degrees 6ft 0 inches North x 118 degrees 20ft 0 inches West and is populated on average with 22,193 people per square mile.  Hollywood.  The city lined with stars, Go-Go's, panhandlers, unsuspecting tourists,  historical theatres and drop outs.  In an area so densely populated who would imagine attending a Van show.  Custom Vans...  On average stand 6 ft tall and over 120 inches long.  Carry with them at least 5-6 passengers, an ice chest full of beer and pockets lined with cigarettes and dope.  An idea so radical it seems surreal?  But with most things surreal, on occasion, they occur.  The Wet Hot Van Show  was a mix of all things.  Surrealism, Art, Geography, Drugs and all things Human.  A coming of the masses to the masses...  Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Our boys at the Panel Beater CC and Edward and Edward Co are throwing their annual bash! "UNION"  will be held at the historical 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos, CA.  If you're wondering where the Union Hotel is... Not to worry it's in the heart of Santa Barbara County.  A quick drive up the 101 N and you're there!  That's if you live in Southern California.  Join us for a weekend of "LIQUOR, GUNS, STRIPPERS, CHOPPERS".  CHEERS FUCKERS!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As I sat in my van and sipped on a travel mug filled to the brim with coffee and a splash of almond milk, the temperature outside and my brew made me nostalgic for a landmark that now bared a large "Closed" sign.  BAHOOKA Polynesian Family restaurant  opened in 1967.  It welcomed every one from first daters to large family parties to the tiki enthusiasts and car culture scene of Southern California.  With it's signature fish bowl drinks, flaming rum cocktails and it's close quarters dining booths, Bahooka captured every moment you spent there and turned it into memories.  Unfortunately, big architectural  landmarks like this sometimes don' t survive the ups and downs of our ever changing economy.  So on March 10th, 2013 Bahooka closed its doors.  So no longer will you be able to climb the World War II gunner that sits in it's entrance and no longer will you be able to feed a carrot to a large Pacu fish that swam around in one of many tanks.  So after 46 years of service I say "THANK YOU" and "Good Bye"  on behalf of all those that enjoyed blowing off the flame on top your drinks.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vans & Vanners

Thumbing through a good book is great!  Thumbing through a good book and getting a history lesson, even better.  Recently I picked up a copy of Arnold S. Wolf 's "Van & Vanners".  Definitely a time capsule.  For those of you who romanticize on times past this is the book for you!  The author gives you outside perspective on vanning and it's subculture.  It's brotherhood, it's philosophical view and unquestioned demise.  I'm sure at it's time it was ground breaking,  now it's history.  So if you find the text a bit out dated, not to worry it's filled with great photography!  So by chance if run into a copy pick it up!  YOU'LL LAUGH!  YOU'LL SING!  YOU'LL DANCE! you'll cry...

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Warlord

For those of you who crave the "Glory Days" of vanning but cant figure out how to work that flux capacitor right.  I've done you all a huge favor!  I'm taking you back to an issue of Truck & Van Ideas June 1979.  The Warlord.  Giving the centerfold of the month and rightfully so.  The Warlord is a  1975 Dodge B-200 chopped eight inches, running Western Bullet wheels, ground effects and a chin spoiler that would make Jay Leno proud!  This little Dodge had seen big changes in it's day.  It was first featured in Truck & Van Ideas November 1976 sporting green paint, unchopped and it's original ground effects.  It's interior is one of abundance.  Hand carved cedar wood dash,  captain chairs, brass lamps and a tilt column out of an Oldsmobile.  "The Glory Days",  we all wish we were there.  No doubt it was a time when over the top was good!  Proportions were extreme, viking murals were it, and Vanning..... was heavenly.  

Friday, October 12, 2012


In the spirit of 77" punk and all it's troubadours I approach this post as one deeply connected to a lifestyle that many of us have dedicated our lives to.  "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT"?  You ask?  I'm talking about those who have gone against the grain, the ones who have taken their passion and ran with it.  Therefore laying down a path for all of us to join.  I recently met Matt Grayson and fell in love with a little magazine he's putting out titled "ROLLING HEAVY".  I've spent countless hours admiring this zine and it's DIY-ness.  It's reminiscent of a "Flipside", "Continental Restyling" or " Rolls & Pleats".  All really great early zines that set the standard for later, bigger publishings.  If you haven't read it or got a hold of a copy click here and after you've read it,  don't forget to wipe the drool off your chin!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Aligning the Cosmos

After the empty beers were picked up, floors mopped, cigarette butts and left over weed were swept.  I finally got a chance to reflect on what happened.  My conclusion was that we had put a show that was memorable!  A show that everyone who attended will always remember as "CONTROLLED CHAOS"!  From all the vans and all the choppers, to the vendors and the hot rodders.  To bands and the fried chicken, to the PBR and free soda pop.  The cosmos were aligned for the Vandoleros Van Club that day.  I must have walked the isle over a hundred times.  Making sure everyone felt at home, welcomed, and loved.  Unfortunately playing mother didn't allow me to snap a single photo. So the pictures I've posted were taking from,,  ENJOY!