Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As I sat in my van and sipped on a travel mug filled to the brim with coffee and a splash of almond milk, the temperature outside and my brew made me nostalgic for a landmark that now bared a large "Closed" sign.  BAHOOKA Polynesian Family restaurant  opened in 1967.  It welcomed every one from first daters to large family parties to the tiki enthusiasts and car culture scene of Southern California.  With it's signature fish bowl drinks, flaming rum cocktails and it's close quarters dining booths, Bahooka captured every moment you spent there and turned it into memories.  Unfortunately, big architectural  landmarks like this sometimes don' t survive the ups and downs of our ever changing economy.  So on March 10th, 2013 Bahooka closed its doors.  So no longer will you be able to climb the World War II gunner that sits in it's entrance and no longer will you be able to feed a carrot to a large Pacu fish that swam around in one of many tanks.  So after 46 years of service I say "THANK YOU" and "Good Bye"  on behalf of all those that enjoyed blowing off the flame on top your drinks.