Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finishing Touches

Finishing a project can become a real clusterf@@k! You can spend hours or even weeks scouring swapmeets looking for that right seat pan or that particular headlight that you think will set off your bike! I ran into this problem when I converted my old Zenith carburetor to a S&S Super E. I didn't like that bulky tear drop shaped air cleaner that came with the kit. So I scrapped it and hit the market for something nicer.  I searched and searched for something that wasn't over designed or over engineered. That's when I came across the FMA's Velocity Stack! This sleek piece of aluminum perfection comes in a polished finish and requires almost no mechanical skill to install. Just get yourself a ball type Allen wrench, center the stainless wire mesh and carefully screw in the three included polished socket head bolts and...BOOYAA!  You've just increased you're level of coolness! Pick one of these bad boys up at, or directly at

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