Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David Mann

I arrived in Ventura excited and with that feeling of drinking too much coffee, way too early. I hurried and walked to the doors. I soon saw a couple of guys walking out with what looked like chopper gold! A Franks seat, A Bates looking headlight and some sort of bar risers. Fuck... I was late. It was only 7:03! I hit the swapmeet area and soon realized that it had already been picked over. It was like a school of vultures had flown in and taken everything I wanted. "Fuck It", I thought. I'll go and grow a tail. I bought a cup of coffee to fight the freezing cold morning breeze and made another round through the swapmeet. This time I would scan every spot as if I was data logging chopper parts. Cool shit for sale but nothing I was digging for. Bummer. By this time a number of bikes were parked on the lawn and feeling disappointed I decided to walk over. The moment I saw the first couple of bikes I was floored! I know its a bit late to post David Mann pics but just my luck that cold Sunday morning, I was "A Day Late and A Buck Short".

Monday, January 30, 2012


This blog is for those who can't sit still. For the neurotic, the passionate. For those who express themselves in the arts! What the fuck am I talking about you say? I'm talking about what we all love...Vans & Choppers!...and other shit I think is cool.