Friday, November 2, 2012

The Warlord

For those of you who crave the "Glory Days" of vanning but cant figure out how to work that flux capacitor right.  I've done you all a huge favor!  I'm taking you back to an issue of Truck & Van Ideas June 1979.  The Warlord.  Giving the centerfold of the month and rightfully so.  The Warlord is a  1975 Dodge B-200 chopped eight inches, running Western Bullet wheels, ground effects and a chin spoiler that would make Jay Leno proud!  This little Dodge had seen big changes in it's day.  It was first featured in Truck & Van Ideas November 1976 sporting green paint, unchopped and it's original ground effects.  It's interior is one of abundance.  Hand carved cedar wood dash,  captain chairs, brass lamps and a tilt column out of an Oldsmobile.  "The Glory Days",  we all wish we were there.  No doubt it was a time when over the top was good!  Proportions were extreme, viking murals were it, and Vanning..... was heavenly.