Friday, February 1, 2013

Vans & Vanners

Thumbing through a good book is great!  Thumbing through a good book and getting a history lesson, even better.  Recently I picked up a copy of Arnold S. Wolf 's "Van & Vanners".  Definitely a time capsule.  For those of you who romanticize on times past this is the book for you!  The author gives you outside perspective on vanning and it's subculture.  It's brotherhood, it's philosophical view and unquestioned demise.  I'm sure at it's time it was ground breaking,  now it's history.  So if you find the text a bit out dated, not to worry it's filled with great photography!  So by chance if run into a copy pick it up!  YOU'LL LAUGH!  YOU'LL SING!  YOU'LL DANCE! you'll cry...

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