Friday, September 6, 2013

Wet Hot Van Show

There's an area in Los Angeles that runs 3.51- square miles.  Coordinates at 34 degrees 6ft 0 inches North x 118 degrees 20ft 0 inches West and is populated on average with 22,193 people per square mile.  Hollywood.  The city lined with stars, Go-Go's, panhandlers, unsuspecting tourists,  historical theatres and drop outs.  In an area so densely populated who would imagine attending a Van show.  Custom Vans...  On average stand 6 ft tall and over 120 inches long.  Carry with them at least 5-6 passengers, an ice chest full of beer and pockets lined with cigarettes and dope.  An idea so radical it seems surreal?  But with most things surreal, on occasion, they occur.  The Wet Hot Van Show  was a mix of all things.  Surrealism, Art, Geography, Drugs and all things Human.  A coming of the masses to the masses...  Enjoy.

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