Friday, August 10, 2012

Century Cycles

Century Cycles is one of those places that we as Americans seem to take for granted.  Like the power chord playing Ramones or a vegetarian giving up a choice cut of beef for a cold slab of extra firm tofu,  "What Gives"?  We know of its existence and its history, yet it seems that it sits solemnly nestled in its San Pedro city corner.  A shop with so much Southern California history and a great example of "The American Dream", yet it seems to never adorn the pages of Street Chopper, Ironhorse or the posh DICE magazine?  Why so?  Im asking myself the same question?  So recently I paid a visit and snapped a few photos of this working museum. Enjoy!


  1. I would never recommend this shop to anyone, after the poor service I received. They say no one rides for free and at Century Motorcycles you'll pay, the fact they are still open with Tim running the place is amazing. Poor quality and swindler service is the only thing to be expected.

  2. That's to bad. Tim has worked on a few of my bikes and i've always felt at home there.