Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding History

As a collector of all things cool.  I've dreamt of coming across that find that makes you feel like your head is going to explode. The feeling of levitating because you're so excited! In that moment you become a believer of love at first sight.  I had one of days this weekend...  I met Mike Andrews about six months ago.  A retired illustraor for Boeing and avid hot rodder and motorcycle enthusiast.  Mike frequented our shop and shared his experiences riding and racing motorcycles in the late 60's.  We quickly became friends.  On a regular visit from Mike he brought over a 70' Triumph Daytona that was in great shape and for sale.  He offered it to me at a great price but I wasn't in the market and tied up on projects.  A few months went by and I received a phone call from a good friend in search of a Triumph for sale.  I immediately thought of Mike.  I set up the meeting and off we went.  We arrived at Mike's house an hour late, having taken a long detour thanks to google maps.  Proper introductions where made, hands where shook, and out came the Triumph.  As Fernando looked over the Triumph I noticed another bike in the rear of the garage.  I knew Mike had a few motorcycles but he never mentioned this one.  I quickly started eliminating the possibilities of what it could be??? Racing front end, Victor tank, Bates seat and "P" pad.  "HOLY SHIT'!!!  "It's a BSA Flat Tracker", "A VERY PERIOD, MINT ONE"!!!  "Hey Mike, what's the story on this bike?" I asked.  Mike started to blow me away with what he had to say.  Mike purchased the bike from a friend that had raced it on the flat tracker circuit throughout the 80's and 90's in Ventura.  But the bike had seen and won races in Ascott from it's previous owner and builder in the late 60's and 70's!  "A BIKE WITH RACING HISTORY!"  I had to have it!  Mike continued to tell me that he had pictures of it racing and the original owners name!  At that moment I had the closest experience of what it would be like to have sex without taking off my clothes!  "Is it for sale"? I asked.  "Yes".  Mike replied.  A few seconds later it was mine!!!  I could go on and on and keep telling you how much more happened and what it took to get it home and how my palms are sweating as I write.  But I won't, I'll let you enjoy the pictures and fall in i did!          

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