Thursday, May 10, 2012

Born Free 3 revisited...

As the days count down and the hours get closer I reflect on a hazy campfire.  A cooler full of beer, tri-tip, smoked salmon and eggs for breakfast and freshly ground coffee brewed over kingsford charcoal.  Not really your conventional campsite menu but what's conventional about a three day long weekend filled with Kustom Vans and Choppers in the middle of the mountains?  Born Free 3 was awesome!  Friday consisted of checking in to our campsite and having a long discussion of whether or not we would run into a mountain lion and would we be sober enough to pull one another from it's grip?  I quickly said no!  That being said it notioned what kind of ride we were in for.  Saturday morning was simple; breakfast, coffee, beer, Andrew's stash of Van books, beer and weed.  Once we were pumped we made the haul to the show.  Being floored by the level of craftsmanship and the quality of the bikes, we decided it would be a good idea to get drunk.  So we did and when one a clock came along and the temperature rose into the 100's we collectively decided it had been a bad idea.  Hence the drive back to the campsite.  After for what seemed like a long detour back and the sun baking my brain through the windshield we pulled into the campsite.  Shortly after that,  what followed was one of the worst allergy attacks suffered by a human being (Jay Cruz).  Saturday night was a blur but somewhere in between being asleep and being in Bob Dylan's 115th dream I heard someone scrambling to get into their tent. I heard the words "shit, shit, I can't get into my tent!"  "shit, I'm getting scared!"  At that point I realized..."hahaha awesome weekend!"

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