Monday, February 6, 2012

Road Trip to Love.

Some of us do it straight out of high school. Others on their twenty first birthday to Vegas. Whenever it may be we pack our bags and embark on a good ol' American tradition. "The Road Trip!" Last weekend my girlfriend and I decided we would take our own little journey. This time it would be to Phoenix, Arizona for Love Cycle's third year Anniversary party and bike show. Having never been to Phoenix, needless to say I was a bit nervous. We hit the road around eight pm and all I could think about was the unexpected. "Will our room still be waiting for us?", "I wonder if Tom Fugle is bringing any of his Van belts?" these and so many other thoughts raced through my head! At that point I hit eighty mph and set the ipod to Bob Dylan, selected the shuffle mode and off we went! We arrived to the hotel just in time to see my buddy James and his crew making their way back from the bar. They were all bundled up and packed like sardines in the back of a Ford F-150! At first I thought "Man those poor Mexicans had a long day of work". Then I heard "What's Up!" Holy shit! Soon after I got three hours of sleep and began what was our "ROAD TRIP TO LOvE"!

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